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Skout: Online flirting site for teens – 3 adults charged with rape. Keeping children and teens safe on the Internet.

Skout is an online flirting site and app for teens…take a minute and let that sink in! I can’t believe I’m using the words “teens” and “flirting” in the same sentence. Unfortunately three adults have been charged with the rape of three children they met on Skout. I guess separating the teens from the adults, didn’t work out. I’m guessing the people who created the site did not really think through the security risks and consequences, which makes our responsibility as parents even more important. It’s up to us to monitor our child’s online behavior…No Excuses!

Listen in as I share the Skout story and offer practical tips for online safety.


Video Game Safety – Keeping children and teens safe on the Internet

In my video blog I share the unfortunate story of a young boy who was lured into a chat room by an online predator. Statistics show that 97% of children between the ages of 12 – 17 play some type of online video game and about a quarter of them play with strangers. Although not considered traditional “social media,” online video games gives your child an entry way into the world.

I provide practical tips, things to look out for, and a guide to the Game Rating System.

Two 15-year-old girls charged with “Pimping” – Keeping children and teens safe on the Internet

Two 15-year old girls have been charged with “pimping” after forcing three teens into prostitution. The girls met online and moved the activity offline.

Parent’s can purchase all of the software monitoring tools in the world, but nothing works better than good old fashioned communication. We must talk with our children about their self-esteem and self-love, as they will find the attention they are looking for in all the wrong places. One thing is for sure, a child’s self-esteem (especially girls) is directly related to their online behavior. If they are acting out online its only a matter of time before it shows up offline.

In this video I discuss the news story and provide online safety tips.

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