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Chief Technology Mommy: Working relentlessly to keep children & teens safe on the Internet. No high-level technical jargon and No Excuses!

About Chief Technology Mommy

Chief Technology Mommy’s goal is to help keep our children and teens safe on the Internet – No Excuses! Parents can visit this site regularly to get relevant tips on Internet safety and be informed through international stories related to the use and impact of technology on children.  Chief Technology Mommy will also point out the links between self-esteem and a child’s behavior on the Internet.

My name is Marlin Page and I am an Internet Safety Advocate.  As a technology CEO, mommy of a “tween,” and former Chief Information Officer for the City of Detroit.  I am relentless about protecting our children and teens from potential dangers on the Internet.  I believe the best defense is for parents to become informed and knowledgeable participants in their children’s online lives.  After attending years of corporate technology meetings where the participants (yes, I’m guilty) used high level technical jargon to explain the simplest concepts, it’s very easy to understand a parent’s frustration when attempting to grasp the basics and navigate through the world of social media.  I plan to bridge the gap and empower parents to become more technology savvy.

I began my technology career as a mainframe programmer, served as a corporate technology executive, and eventually started a successful technology recruiting and consulting practice.  Most recently I was selected to serve as the keynote speaker for Microsoft Corporation’s DigiGirlz Technology Camp.  My 20+ years of extensive experience in the field of technology, down-to-earth style and ability to simplify technology, has caused me to emerge as a reliable source for information and Internet Safety.  Most importantly, my roles as wife and mommy give the advantage of  offering “real life” strategies on keeping children and teens safe on the Internet.

I am also the author of  “Always Believe,”a book empowering girls to love themselves, believe in themselves, and celebrate their uniqueness.   For more information or speaking inquiries, please email me at or call 313-420-0591.


4 thoughts on “About Chief Technology Mommy

  1. Wow is all I can say. You very talented and Bless Woman to be able to do everything you have done to make a difference. GOd Bless U:)

  2. Hmmmm…. don’t you have such an interesting and well rounded life and yet come pout tops in all that you do. Doing it wonderfully well as i can see so far and even as a mom because that is a full time job in itself. I know that even as am yet to be a mother though am an Engineer and i know coping with motherhood and coming out tops in your job and not just being there swaying with the tides is no joke. I must commend you ma’am and as i go through your blog, i hope to meet an interesting and a special person on the way. Kudos ma’am!

  3. I had to leave a comment when I read the word vocalist. You sing?? I sing too…sort of (stage fright prevents me from reaching my fullest potential). Wow, you are well rounded! Props to you! *now thinking can I get mom to blog?* lol

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